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Michael Moore files for divorce from wife — millions at stake

Despite denying being in the top one percent of the American population in terms of wealth, Michael Moore has an estimated personal worth of $50 million. Most in Nevada will remember Moore for being an award-winning filmmaker. However, despite this success, the celebrity filmmaker was not successful in his marriage which caused him to file a divorce from his wife, which could put the couple’s wealth at risk in a divorce settlement.

The divorce filing states that the couple was married in mid-October 1991. It also states that the couple owns a home and has no children. The couple’s relationship has deteriorated without any likelihood that their differences will be resolved, according to the divorce complaint filed with the court. Moore’s wife, Kathleen Glynn has yet to respond to the divorce complaint.

The couple’s home is valued at a taxable $1.2 million and is just a part of the large amount of assets which could be at stake in the divorce. Moore’s divorce filing is asking that the court restrain both spouses from being able to sell or transfer any of the assets of the marriage. This includes bonds, stocks, real estate, fine art and any other assets of value.

In a high-asset divorce case, such as this one, it is important to be up-to-date on the latest applicable rules and regulations in Nevada or in any other state. This will enable divorcees to make the right decisions in order to obtain a preferable divorce settlement in the end. Also, familiarity with the proper court procedures can also help to avoid future problems and complications during litigation.

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