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Charlie Sheen seeks child support modification

Here in Nevada, it is well known that when going through a divorce or separation where a child is involved, child support usually needs to be discussed and an agreement made. What factors affect the child support that someone is required to pay toward the care of their children? The parents’ income, paternity and child custody can all make a difference in how much is required, or whether a specific payment is required at all.

Celebrity Charlie Sheen has reportedly petitioned a judge to alter his child support obligation. The actor is currently paying $55,000 to his ex-wife in child support payment calculations. However, Mr. Sheen is arguing that because the custody of his two children does not lie with his ex-wife, then he should not be paying child support to her. He is happy to pay it to his first ex-wife who is currently caring for his children under a temporary custody order.

In Nevada, the amount of child support being paid is decided by a judge based on the income of the parent. In many cases, a parent may feel that they should not be paying as much child support, for any number of reasons. If a child has moved out and is living under the care of another approved adult, then one might argue that they should be paying the child support to the individual actually caring for the child.

In cases where a child has been brought up by a step-parent who is not their biological mother or father, it becomes more of a grey area. Misuse of child support is also a factor that can be taken into consideration as it is intended to be used to provide daily essentials for the child such as food, clothes, a home etc. It is not designed to simply provide luxuries for the other parent. If child support is not being paid pursuant to an existing court order, then a court can order that an employer withhold funds from a person’s paycheck to apply toward the existing financial obligation.

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