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Modifying a child support order in Nevada

In Nevada, some child support orders can be modified, but there are rules about when an order can be modified. Generally, a modification request cannot be issued until the order is at least three years old. However, anyone can request a modification if a change of circumstances has occurred, such as when a parent loses a job and cannot continue making payments at the current amount. Modification requests that ask for a 20 percent minimum change may qualify for a change of circumstances adjustment.

When someone wants to request the modification of a child support order, he or she must contact the district attorney’s office about mailing an application. Requests are considered based on whether a case meets federal and state guidelines for an adjustment, and the review process cannot be stopped after it begins. Requests are also reviewed for modification if a divorce decree did not discuss health insurance.

The modification process could last up to 180 days, and an adjustment could increase or decrease the required support amount. While the district attorney’s office in Nevada accepts all applications for modification, the office does not always have the authority to make an adjustment. This may happen when one party lives in another state, and cases may be forwarded to a different office when a controlling order was entered in another state.

While a set of guidelines generally determines the amount of a child support order, judges can also use their discretion when issuing an order. This helps to ensure the best interests of children are met but can make matters difficult or confusing for parents. An attorney can help a parent before a judge issues a support order or when a modification is necessary.

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