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Child custody matters can quickly become complicated

When a parent is unable to adequately provide for the care and safety of their child, family members often step in to help. This can be an excellent solution for all involved, and can give the struggling parent a chance to get back on track and regain full child custody rights of their child or children. Such an arrangement also keeps children out of the Nevada foster care system, and allows them to have a sense of security and continuity while in the care of close family members.

However, in some cases the parent or parents fail to make the necessary adjustments, and cannot provide the home that their children need. An example may be found in the recent news coverage of one family in which three children were removed from the care of their mother and placed with a great-grandmother. The placement came after a social worker discovered that the children were living in conditions described as deplorable, and that they were left alone within that home for lengthy periods of time.

A judge ordered that the children be placed in the care of their great-grandmother, and that she not allow either natural parent to have unsupervised visits with the kids. In this case, it is not yet clear whether the mother will attempt to regain custody rights to her children. It is also not known if the great-grandmother will seek to gain permanent rights to the three kids.

In many similar cases, a period of time passes before a family member decides to take legal action to secure child custody rights. Doing so can be a difficult process, as Nevada law favors the rights of the natural parents. However, when evidence suggests that the best interests of the child or children are better served by another family member, it is possible to ask for and receive custody within the Nevada family court system.

Source: NBC Miami, Great-Grandmother Gets Custody of Children Living in ‘Filthy’ House, Diana Gonzalez, Sep. 7, 2013

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