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Should you hire a vocational expert to help you through divorce?

In today’s troubled economy, many Las Vegas parents have lost their jobs, have been unemployed for a significant period of time or have been forced to take jobs that pay significantly less than they earned in their previous positions. With parents out of work and barely able to make ends meet, it makes sense that Nevada family court judges are hesitant to order them to make high child support and alimony payments.

However, some Las Vegas parents are using and abusing the bad economy as a way to get a lower child support order. Known as voluntary un- or under-employment, this tactic occurs when parents either quit a job or find one that pays them less in order to avoid making high support payments. And because unemployment is such an issue in Nevada and other states that were hit hard by the economic recession, judges here are less likely to be aware or accuse someone of this underhanded tactic.

This is why many divorcing couples in Nevada and around the country are finding it helpful to utilize the services of a vocational expert. This is a professional who can evaluate a person’s education, experience, abilities, interests and qualifications, and compare those traits against the current employment market in their city of residence. This will help to determine the person’s likelihood of getting a job and their relative prospects for current and lifetime earnings.

A vocational expert can be especially helpful if your ex-spouse is attempting to claim that he or she should be ordered to pay a lower support amount. The expert will look at your ex-spouse’s earning potential, both at present and in their full lifetime, and recommend a support order based on those amounts, ensuring that you or your child receive the support you need and deserve.

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