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Study reveals prevalence of domestic violence in relationships

Every day, families in Las Vegas are impacted by domestic violence. As a result of the physical and emotional pain caused by this kind of abuse, many people consider their options to protect themselves and loved ones. The intense, emotional nature of domestic violence cases often makes it one of the most complicated issues in the family law arena.

Although many people may recognize that thousands of people are impacted by domestic abuse, it may not be apparent how common it truly is. According to the World Health Organization, one of every three women globally has been abused at some point in their lifetime. This is part of WHO’s effort to demonstrate the worldwide problem of violence against women.

For many involved in a violent relationship, seeking an order of protection is the first step. Although this can provide a necessary layer of safety and security, some may also need to consider a divorce if they are being abused by their spouse. Claims of domestic violence can impact divorce negotiations — particularly if children are involved. If a parent is found to be abusive to children or their spouse, then they may be denied child custody or visitation rights.

Of course, domestic violence claims are complex. At times, a person may inaccurately claim they’ve been harmed after an intense dispute. This is why accusations of domestic violence should be taken seriously and investigated in a fair manner. Of course, if the claims of violence are accurate, then appropriate measures should be taken.

After being involved in a domestic violence situation, Nevada residents may not know where to turn. An experienced family law attorney, however, should have the knowledge to determine what options are available.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “WHO: Third of women suffer domestic violence,” June 21, 2013

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