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Why get a legal separation instead of a divorce?

When a marriage is faltering, spouses discover that they have a variety of options at their disposal. Many will try counseling to try to mend their differences, while others will experiment with trial separation. Still other couples come to the realization that their marriage cannot be repaired and opt for a divorce.

Another option that works for some couples in Nevada is a legal separation. It is often the end of their relationship as partners in life, though their marriage is not legally ended. The concept of legal separation can be confusing, causing some folks to ask: Why get a legal separation instead of a divorce?

It’s a good question and there are some good reasons for getting the separation instead of a divorce. In some situations, a spouse with serious health problems would lose their medical coverage if they got divorced. So the couple agrees to a legal separation that enables the ill spouse to continue to get needed medical care, while the couple lives their separate lives.

The legal separation involves an agreement negotiated by a family law attorney regarding property division, child custody and visitation issues, child support, spousal support and other legal matters.

Couples will also opt for legal separation rather than divorce for religious reasons.

In other situations, a military spouse can receive benefits for staying married for 10 years, also prompting some to choose separation over divorce. Social Security benefits can also be greater for couples married for more than 10 years, according to

A Las Vegas family law attorney can help you understand all your legal options so that you can choose what suits your circumstances best.

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