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Will pregnancy motivate Kardashian to finalize divorce?

It was more than a year ago when Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, her husband of just 72 days. Given the length of their marriage and the fact that the couple did not have any children together, it would seem that their divorce case would be finalized quickly and with ease. Yet, as many of our Las Vegas family law blog readers well know, that was not the case.

Recently, however, Kardashian announced that she is pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Kanye West, and that the baby is scheduled to arrive in June. So now, with the birth of her baby just over six months away, will Kardashian work to finalize her divorce before she has a child with another man? That remains to be seen.

Thus far, Kardashian has been highly resistant to her estranged husband’s attempts to annul their marriage instead of agreeing to a divorce. Many believe that agreeing to the annulment would be akin to admitting that Kardashian got married for the television special and the money it made, which is essentially what Humphries is alleging. That admission could do significant harm to the Kardashian brand, and a baby may not be enough reason to take that action.

In addition, it does not appear that being married when the baby is born will significantly affect his or her paternity. There is a legal presumption that a married woman’s husband is the father of her baby, but that can easily be overcome by genetic testing.

Kardashian and Humphries are scheduled to appear in court next month. It is likely that the next steps in their case will be determined then.

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