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Single fathers often face challenges in custody matters

When it comes to child custody issues, single fathers in Nevada and elsewhere often face some challenges. Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show that the percentage of children living with single mothers is 23.7, while only four percent live with unmarried fathers. However, times are changing, and more single fathers who seek custody are showing that they can be positive and responsible parents.

Many believe that family courts demonstrate a bias against fathers, but statistics show that mothers tend to have more involvement in their children’s lives. A Pew Research Center survey released in 2011 makes this clear, with married mothers spending 12.9 hours per week taking over primary child care duties nearly twice the amount of time spent by married fathers. This is likely why mothers are often favored when it comes to custody decisions.

It is not just the court; however, that seems to favor the mother. Statistics from show that 51 percent of the time, both parents decide that the mother should have custody of the children. In addition, 91 percent of the child custody decisions are kept out of family court after the divorce is finalized.

Each child custody situation in Nevada comes with a unique set of circumstances, but typically most parents want to do what is in their children’s best interests. Whether custody is handled in or out of family court, this can be a very emotional time for both parents. It may be beneficial to them to seek the assistance of a compassionate and objective third party to help mediate and resolve such delicate matters.

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