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Drug support programs may help to regain child custody

Once caught in the terrifying net of drug abuse, the consequences can affect the rest of one’s life. The worst case scenario is losing child custody and having to part with one’s children due to a habit that got out of hand. Parents in Nevada may be interested to read about two mothers, of different generations, who took steps to overcome their drug addictions and regain custody of their children.

The first woman, age 39, lost her husband in a fatal accident and could not cope without prescription medicine and later cocaine. The other woman was a 21-year-old single mother with a heroin addiction that resulted in her facing various charges and even spending some time incarcerated. Both women spent time in and out of drug treatment programs while their children were in the custody of relatives.

Eventually each of the women decided that enough was enough, and that they wanted to get their lives back in order. They found out about a new 12-week probation program, run in the state where they are residents, where individuals in similar situations meet on a weekly basis. A different subject, relevant to their addictions, is discussed every week. Both women completed the program recently and, according to their probation officers, they are ready to begin their new lives.

Both of these women are self-confident after the treatment program, and they are determined to continue normal drug-free lives. They are also both positive that the possibility finally exists for them to get back the child custody they so willingly gave up in favor of drugs not too long ago. Nevada residents in a similar situation — who find themselves in a desperate drug-filled nightmare and without custody of their children — have options available to obtain help, including support programs and advice.

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