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Joint child custody gives both parents quality time with children

In years gone by it was the norm in most divorce cases for the mother to get custody of the children. Fathers typically did not receive child custody, but only alternate weekend visitations and monthly child support responsibilities, while mothers were expected to take care of all the children’s non-financial needs. Fathers in Nevada who are going through a divorce may find that the courts have finally recognized the need children have for love and attention from both mother and father.

All references to gender in the divorce and custody laws of most states have been removed in recent years, and this allows fathers to be involved in the lives of their children, even if divorced. Modern households where both parents have careers typically involves the two sharing responsibilities while married. To continue this in some fashion after a divorce can reduce the impact the new situation has on the children.

Families have been redefined from being a married couple with children to where divorced parents can now be part of a modern family. Even in states where equal parenting laws have not been passed yet, judges seem to embrace the idea of considering both parents equally when deciding on what is best for the children. With this in mind, there has been a substantial move towards couples opting for joint custody.

This also paves the way to move toward joint financial responsibility, rather than the traditional manner where the father was burdened with rigid, obligated child support. It has become acceptable for a divorced couple to have joint child custody, and an agreeable relationship, with well-adjusted children. Nevada couples contemplating divorce have various legal options available. Once all these have been considered, couples can decide on what will best suit the family.

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