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Father’s Day is 24 hours long; fatherhood is a lifetime

You might have fond childhood memories of Father’s Day. Making a card for Dad out of construction paper and paste and then coloring it with crayons. And there was your father, smiling as he got yet another tie or set of cufflinks.

Today’s celebrations of dadhood can be more complicated. Divorced fathers sometimes have visitation that day and in other cases, might not even see their child. After all, with tough economic conditions in Nevada, many divorced parents have had to relocate to another state with children in tow.

No matter your divorced dad situation, you undoubtedly treasure the hours and days you do spend with your kids. A writer for the Huffington Post notes that the title of “dad” is forever, “but the job itself can be tricky, especially after a divorce.”

He writes that so often, fathers misinterpret the phrase “quality time.” They know it’s important to make their time with their children is well-spent, but they sometimes mistake that for spending exorbitant amounts of money, granting everything their child desires or becoming something like an indentured servant.

As a divorced father, he says his most important realization is that it’s crucial to simply be the authentic you. Worry less about your occasional mistake with your children and more about being consistently supportive, and putting in the time to listen carefully and participate actively in their lives.

He also writes that the time he has with his children doesn’t have to be planned to the tiniest detail. Some of the best times are simple times; moments together laughing as you spend time together.

Protecting that time together can be the most important thing to a divorced parent whose former spouse wants to move away with the kids. A talk with an experienced Las Vegas family law attorney can help you understand your legal options and vigorously pursue what is best for your children and your family.

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