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Time travel

When you go to the Clark County Courts’ website looking for help with family law disputes, it’s like traveling backwards in time. It appears to be about 1998 or so, a time when websites consisted mainly of plain text, a stock photo or two and a few boxes to highlight more plain text.

While the site won’t win any Webby Awards for design, it does have some interesting information about how you go about the process of getting divorced in Nevada. There are a couple of different ways to go: you can file a joint petition, which means you and your spouse agree on all divorce issues. Or you can file a Complaint for Divorce, which means there are issues to be resolved, including child custody disputes.

Even if you file a Complaint for Divorce, you might get everything you want and ask for in a divorce if your spouse simply doesn’t respond. You see, once you file the complaint, you must legally notify your spouse (often referred to as serving them with divorce papers) of the complaint by giving them a copy of it, along with a summons and a Joint Preliminary Injunction. If they don’t respond by filing an Answer or Counterclaim within 20 days, voila, you can file for a default and you’ll “most likely” be granted it and whatever you asked for in your complaint, Clark County says.

While you can hope for such an outcome, it’s very likely that your spouse will respond and that the process of settling disputes between the two of you begins. Clearly, child custody and child support issues can bring some of the most heated disagreements to the fore.

Because these disputes involve children, passions are at their highest and consequences can mean a lifetime of difficult changes for parents and kids alike. Parents want the best for their children, and they also want to protect their valued rights as parents. So they turn to experienced Las Vegas family law attorneys for representation in these crucial matters. It’s no time to be searching an outdated Clark County website for help in one of the most important legal proceedings of your life.

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