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Important child support information for Clark County residents

In dealing with raising a child on one’s own, support issues can be significant in determining how well a parent can care for that juvenile. The circumstances resulting in the need for support may be varied, but the typical route for a parent to initiate a support case in Clark County, Nevada, is by application through the Family Support Division. Information to be provided includes the name, date of birth and Social Security number of the individual who is expected to pay child support. That individual’s current residential and employment information should also be supplied along with addresses and names of their friends and family members.

Documentation of one’s own legal separation or divorce should be supplied along with birth certificates for each child for whom support is needed. There is no fee to initiate a child support case. In addition to seeking support payments, the Family Support Division may be able to assist with medical insurance enforcement on behalf of children. Courts have many avenues for dealing with a parent who does not pay support that is due, including attachment of wages or other financial income, ordering of a parent to seek a job, and placing liens against property.

With a case handled through the Family Support Division, information may be passed along to the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. Additionally, the Family Support Division does not handle divorce, property distribution, or custody issues. These may require the advice and assistance of a family law attorney.

A parent dealing with difficulties in collecting support from an ex-spouse may find that the assistance of county personnel is necessary if that ex-spouse is uncooperative. A lawyer may be able to advise and assist in finding and filing relevant information if that individual has become difficult to locate or has claimed a lack of resources.

Source: Clark County Nevada, “Child Support Issues FAQ “, August 26, 2014

Source: Clark County Nevada, “Child Support Issues FAQ “, August 26, 2014

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