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Is this the equivalent of 1,788,000 tweets?

Experts say we read 300 wpm. So that first sentence took about a second for the average person to read. In that second, 6,000 tweets were sent out, 5,000 social profiles were updated, 4,000 photos posted and 500 blogs put online. The same information wave rippled across the internet in each of the subsequent seconds as well.

Researchers are busily mining all that data, of course. Some hope to figure out better means of selling you products and some hope to be able to translate the vast information “…into social technologies that can be deployed in solving real-world problems,” one researcher said.

They are studying our likes, dislikes, interests, values and behaviors to create algorithms that will be able to assess job applicants, match up volunteers with tasks that need doing, and so on. According to a report, they even hope to one day be able to offer stress-reducing services to people going through divorce. After all, computers don’t display stress, the researchers apparently figure, so that stress-free and emotion-free approach could help people going through divorce to avoid stress and turbulent emotions.

Here at Kainen Law Group, we have a few doubts about some of those possibilities. Our family law clients are, of course, often under tremendous stress and often experiencing a variety of emotions as they go through child custody and child support disputes in their divorces. It’s doubtful to us that they would prefer to talk about their unique situations with a computer than an experienced family law attorney, no matter how friendly the programmers can make the laptop appear.

We are here to talk and listen, in person and at length, about your spouse, your children, your rights as a parent and how we can help you best protect your children as you go through your divorce. Please see our Las Vegas Child Support page for a bit more information about how Kainen Law Group can serve you.

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