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Mediation may be option for divorce cases in Nevada

A great deal has been said about the advantages of mediation as an option when filing for divorce. In fact, mediation can also be a less stressful alternative when conflicts arise with regard to child support, visitation, child custody and asset division. Nevada couples who are contemplating divorce may want to explore the possibilities of mediation to resolve these conflicts in a calm and peaceful manner.

Couples should be aware that mediation does not take the place of legal representation; in fact, all legal issues relevant to the divorce need to be covered by the couple’s legal representative. With the guidance of an accredited mediator, both parents will have the opportunity to express and discuss their wishes. The mediator acts as a neutral catalyst who guides and facilitates the negotiations in an attempt to reach decisions that will be beneficial for both spouses and their children.

There are, however, circumstances when following the legal process through the court is preferable. This is recommended where abuse of any kind is present. Such cases include mental, physical, alcohol and drug abuse. Mediation is also not a desirable option in severe cases of mental illness.

Nevada couples have a choice of two types of mediation, namely open or closed mediation. By choosing the closed mediation option, all negotiations and discussions will remain confidential and may not be used in any litigation that may follow. By reaching agreement in a cooperative manner, a divorcing couple may find that their life after the divorce can proceed in a peaceful way that will benefit both parents and children.

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