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Coping with child visitation issues after divorce

Nevada couples who are going through a divorce may be struggling to reach agreement on some of the important issues involved in the process. After all, dealing with visitation issues may be very emotional. Nevada family courts can prescribe a visitation schedule, but they will consider the input of the parents in their evaluation to determine what will be the best for the child.

If one of the parents finds it difficult to stick to a schedule of specific dates and times when visitation is allowed, it may complicate the life of the other spouse as well as cause a lot of heartaches to the child. If the situation proves to be having a negative effect on the child, the other parent may want to consider legal steps. Before this is done, it may be a good idea to gather evidence proving all the instances when the visitation schedule was ignored.

Keep an accurate record of every time the other spouse cancels scheduled parenting time. It may also be a good idea to make an arrangement to meet the other parent somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere like a tea garden or coffee shop. Asking the child how he or she feels about sudden changes can also be noted and used during the discussion.

If these methods fail to alter the behavior of the other spouse, it may be time to consider gathering information regarding the legal options available to address the problem. A parent can return to the Nevada court where child custody and visitation rights were awarded to request modifications to the custody order. If the court determines that it would be better for the well-being of the child, visitation or custody rights could be altered.

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