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Nevada parents may benefit from child support information

Nevada parents that receive or pay child support may have a special interest in other child support cases that are published in different media outlets. This topic can be emotional for all parties involved. A recent child support case in which a father feels he received unfair treatment has made headlines.

The situation has been ongoing for approximately four years. The man originally had visitation rights, but those were terminated when his ex-wife reportedly told officials their son had been the victim of sexual abuse in the father’s home. The father claims that the abuse actually took place in the home of his ex-wife. At the time his rights were taken, he was also ordered to pay child support in the amount of $588 a month.

The man has since filed a lawsuit against the Department of Human Services claiming they have conspired against him and he not only lost his visitation rights, but shouldn’t have to pay child support. The representative contacted about the case stated she was not allowed to comment on the case. Although this lawsuit is ongoing, it will not change the fact that the father is still responsible for paying the court ordered child support.

Any Nevada parent involved in a child support dispute may benefit from having an understanding of their rights under the applicable state laws. A person might also find that a proactive approach could be helpful. With the appropriate knowledge and understanding of what to expect, a parent can be hopeful to receive a positive outcome.

Source: Jackson Free Press, “Lawsuit Highlights Child-Support ‘Disarray’,” R. L. Nave, July 24, 2013

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