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Prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular in Nevada

Given the steady rise in divorce rates, having a prenuptial agreement may make sense for many couples, especially for those who are marrying for a second time.

Prenuptial agreements were once used exclusively by the rich and famous. However, a prenup is a good idea for all engaged couples, especially for those who are bringing personal or business assets into their marriage, regardless of financial wealth. The most basic of prenuptial agreements lists the assets that belong to each individual and that remain their property should a divorce happen down the road.

Assets acquired before the marriage like a home or antiques can be covered in a prenuptial agreement. One of the challenges that can be avoided by using a prenup is determining the original property of each person, which tends to be lost in memory over time.

Prenuptial agreements can help eliminate any surprises during a divorce hearing and works to preserve the expectations of each individual. A properly executed prenup is readily enforceable in a court of law and is rarely, if ever, questioned.

A prenuptial agreement can also be used to prevent income earned from a business or inheritance money from being shared with an ex-spouse should a divorce occur. Almost anything can be specified in a prenup other than child support, custody and visitation.

Prenuptial agreements can be invaluable for older persons with assets and who have children. In this case, a person may choose to preserve assets for their children rather than risk having them challenged by a spouse in the event of a divorce.

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