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Should weight factor into Nevada custody battles?

Any of our Las Vegas readers who have small children can probably attest to the fact that it generally takes a lot of energy and stamina to keep up with young kids. So in that sense, it seems logical that a parent who is physically unable to do so is not the best candidate for physical custody of their children. In another sense, though, that is outrageous – all it really takes to be a successful parent is the ability to love and provide for your children, regardless of your physical ability to chase them around the playground.

However, in one recent child custody case, a father says that he was prevented from taking custody of his 5- and 6-year-old sons because of his weight. He has now lost 150 pounds in an effort to prove himself worthy of custody, and hopes that his weight loss will make a difference in the eyes of the family court judge overseeing his case.

According to the father, his sons were taken into the custody of the state last year when their mother was hospitalized for an overdose and mental health issues. Since then, the boys have been in foster care. The father has repeatedly petitioned to gain physical custody of his sons, but after a doctor told the family court that his severe obesity caused him to lack “the mobility and stamina required to keep up with young and active children,” the court ruled that the father was not fit to care for his kids.

Now, the father has dropped from 525 to 360 pounds, and he says that he has already noticed the significant impact on his health. But he is still fighting to get his kids back, and he hopes that his weight loss makes a difference in his custody battle.

Source: CTV, “Dad says he’s losing custody battle because he’s obese,” June 20, 2012

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