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Steps to take before filing for divorce

It’s summer in Las Vegas. It’s hot, but we are already eyeing September and October, when temperatures begin tapering off and the city gets an infusion of energy. For many people pondering divorce, it’s a time when they begin looking ahead and thinking what life might be like in the new year if they act now and begin the legal process of deciding child custody and property division.

Before you jump into the fray, take time to pause, plan and prepare, Fox Business urges. There are financial steps and other matters to get in order before you separate or serve your spouse with divorce papers.

If you anticipate property division disputes in your Clark County divorce, this is a good time to begin collecting your financial records, including copies of your tax returns, credit card statements, banking statements, records from 401(k) accounts and so on.

One matrimonial attorney quoted said that property division, spousal support and child support disputes are often determined by who has the best records. The person with the most extensive records can often make the best case to the court.

Also, you’re urged by family law attorneys to stop using shared computers. Get your own laptop, if you share a PC with your spouse or anyone else. You don’t want private information divulged in court, Fox Business notes.

Another important bit of advice from the article: meet early with a family law attorney. Just as you want to head off signs of health problems by meeting early with a physician, you can begin planning and prepping for divorce problems by sitting down with an experienced, trusted Las Vegas divorce attorney.

In that way, you’ll be informed about which areas of dispute are of most concern in your situation, and how you might begin to buttress your case and get your finances in order before taking legal steps.

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