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Steps to take to remedy child custody violations

For parents in Nevada and other states, divorce is a traumatic experience, and adjusting to post-divorce life is never easy. It is not uncommon for parents to find it difficult to comply with a child custody agreement that was filed in court. The disappointment of a child when a parent violates custody arrangements time after time is heartbreaking. What are the options for the other parent?

Communication about this issue is better recorded in writing, and it may be best to start with an email asking for an explanation and also describe the disappointment of the child. Ask for a suggestion on how to resolve the issue. There may be a legitimate reason for the other parent’s failure to comply, for which a remedy may be available. It may have been caused by an altered work schedule or another responsibility that was unanticipated at the time the agreement was signed.

Child custody orders can be modified, and if parents are willing to be flexible, the issue may be resolved. It might be possible to convince the other parent to go for mediation during which communication and compromise will be facilitated by a neutral mediator. Both parents may have their respective attorneys present to provide advice and ensure the legality of the modified agreement before it is submitted to the family court.

However, if all efforts to resolve the issue have failed, and child custody violations continue, the only option may be to file for contempt. An experienced Nevada child custody attorney can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout these legal proceedings. The parent filing the motion will have to prove contempt, and documented records to show failed efforts to get the ex-spouse to comply may be needed. If the judge finds him or her guilty of contempt, placement time may be modified to protect the child from continuing disappointment.

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