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Deadly sins to avoid in co-parenting disputes

We hope all of our readers had a wonderful Father’s Day. For many kids, it may just feel like another day with day, but it is much more than that. It is a celebration of the tangible and intangible things that fathers give. Also, with the Fourth of July holiday on the horizon, it is also an opportunity to remind divorced parents of some of the seven deadly sins that they should avoid in planning for the holiday, as defined by a recent article.

Greed – This is the sin of desiring to have more than what you need. In the realm of parenting time, greedy parents try to monopolize their children’s time; only leaving a scant few days for the other parent to spend time with the little ones. Such time is also strictly dictated by the custodial parent with a laundry list of conditions to be followed. It is critical to avoid this sin, because it could be viewed as tacit attempts to withhold parenting time.

Sloth – The laziness that comes from not putting in the time or energy to do what is right is another sin to be avoided. This can come with not following a court’s order; either to complete parenting time classes or to be punctual for exchanges. Until you can be held accountable for what you are directed to do, you may continue to have problems.

Gluttony – When a parent puts their needs above the needs of his or her children, they essentially commit the sin of gluttony. It is as if they are working within a sense of entitlement that does not apply to anyone else.

So as you prepare for the next summer holiday, and future holidays at that, keep these in mind if you have disputes.

Source: “7 deadly sins of co-parenting,” Valerie DeLoach, June 13, 2014

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