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Considering equal-time child custody arrangements in Nevada

Divorces typically come with conflict, ranging from minimal to extreme. When children are involved, the process can become increasingly complicated. Child custody battles in Nevada, like those in other states, can cause great emotional stress on both the children and the parents. Deciding on the best custody arrangement for all involved is a serious and difficult task.

It has become apparent through recent studies that custody of a couple’s children typically goes to the mother, while the father is left with visitation rights and support payments. While this has been done for the best interests of the child, many fathers are making a stand to have equal time with their children. One father has spent thousands of dollars and gone to court repeatedly to be allowed to spend more time with his child. As a teacher, he does not understand why he cannot spend the same amount of time with his son as does the child’s mother.

Many lawmakers are also looking into the idea of equal-time child custody arrangements. These agreements would allow the children to spend a similar amount of time with each of their parents, unless abuse or neglect was a factor. This arrangement would vary in each situation, but would allow both parents to share custody, instead of one being left with only the right to visit his or her child. The biggest factor holding judges and other officials back from enforcing this type of custody is their focus on the best interests of the children.

While child custody cases are often stressful and difficult to sort out, remembering the effects the arrangement will have on everyone involved is crucial. Equal-time custody agreements can provide both parents with the chance to spend a good amount of the week with their children. Nevada couples going through the process of child custody could seek qualified help so that they can understand all of the options available to them and what they want from the custody arrangement. This support and knowledge can help ease the stress and tension of the situation.

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